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    Fort Myers

    Hey guys, ill be in fort myers for a week in january, and was wondering what my chances of scoring surf here are. Also, are there any decent surf shops in the area? Or is bringing a board mandatory? Any info/advice on the area would be appreciated.
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    i know there is a ron jon down there that might rent boards but its unlikely. id try the wbsite and find out. im from about an hour north and there is usually consistent cold fronts in january, once a week i would say on average. choppy surf for one or two days with onshores, then it turns northeast and dies down but has fun clean conditions. you have to be on the swells though. high tide tends to be better gulf side as well cause the sandbars are so shallow. not sure about how the spots down there are though. a lot of beaches face south down there so you might need to search for a more north facer

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    greatings from faux town. there are one of two conditions to look for if you plan on catching waves in southwest fl., hurricane or strong cold front. and the only places to catch waves this time of year is north on sanibel/captiva or south at big hickory pass otherwise ft.myers beach sits in a large cove with sanibel killing waves before they make it that far. the only time to catch waves right off ft.myers beach is during a storm coming in from the south. However, there is a guy at either south seas plantation or tween waters inn, that rents surfboards (i can't remember which he works out of) I had ran into him at blind pass one day with a truck full of boards or possibly gulf coast surf shop on the beach might rent also, if you are heading south. they are located at the foot of the matanzas bridge on ft. myers beach.
    A side note : beings that it is hard to find large waves here you might want to try a small sit-on-top kayak. there are tons of shops renting kayaks and you don't need a head high day to have a blast.
    good luck i hope the weather works to your advantage (mine too), and if you see some dorks on small kayaks havin' a blast chances are one is me, stop and say hey