enjoy, I got family that lives on north causeway and we welcome anyone wearin a smile.... low tide dawn patrol in LB, broke groins, then north for the fat tide. That is unless theres no surf and then its all about catchin some dinner and a buzz. we have probably already shared some waves. talk a little story and wave eticate... thats what its all about. if CORNDOG knew anything about reading waves, positioning and had some physical ability then there could be 100 guys next to him and he could still catch all the waves he wanted----he would be a more pleasant and non abrasive individual that could -------just chill. cornway come on down here on a good swell. change your ****ty attitude and i'll even let you have some waves....otherwise ill just be the guy whos outside pickin off all the nugs.......... chin up son you can still go polish the rims on your IROC, spike up the top of your mullet or somethin ????