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    6'1" Al Merrick for sale

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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    i have an al merrick flyer tuflite 6'1" but the whole board is blue and i love it ride it from knee high all the way up to the maximum it can go up to. so this board is defiently worth it will defeintly recomend this board to my friends and people that ask me about it. especially for the price. i had to pay like 350 for mine used. so if your looking at this board get it.

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    al merrick flyer..

    couple of questions....first off why so cheap? second why are you selling this board off? i have heard these boards are little chunky and corky...your experiences?
    tight lines

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    i also have one of these boards... i would def recomend it ... its got alota float... really easy to catch waves on and even easier to rip on... its my go to board on big days cuz u dont gotta worry about dingin it...and at that price its a steal... if i didnt have one id buy it already so to anyone out there thinkin about gettin a new board this is def an excellent one to add to ur quiver

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