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Thread: Gravity HC 47

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    Gravity HC 47

    i ate it real hard today bombing on my Gravity HyperCarve was pretty much my first time taking it on a decent sized hill....does anyone have any suggestions/comments on boards that work good in both carving and bombing?

    (I am talking about longboarding)

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    my favorite board is the sector9 "city crusher"... its a bit shorter than your average longboard, but its a fiberglass/maple laminate so its super springy through carves, yet remains fast and stable down hills. 76mm wheels also help.... im thinking of upgrading to the 81mm race formula wheels if they will fit.

    My second favorite is my "bert scribble" as they call it now, it used to just be the "og pintail" and was one of sector 9's original boards. Its of the "carving series" and more of a traditional longboard than the aforementioned one.... also great on the hills.

    Also.... what lead to your crash?? if you know what happened you can simply upgrade your existing board, or just take it down a few more times and get used to it... or tighten up the trucks or something.