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Thread: Outer Banks

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    i thought this was a cool shot from surfkdh when noel hit ....pretty fckn gnarly swell... oh and matt youre calenders were fantastic i have one my fridge..... good job bro!

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    Are there any local only spots at the outer banks? is it heavily localized, im going for a trip there this summer...what are the conditions like early july?

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    not so much localized but like most lineups runs off respect. don't paddle out thinking you own the joint and you should be alright; and summers probably not the best season for waves on da banks,it's probably not going to be completley flat it's usually alwats surfable somewhere..... but who knows you could catch it sick.!
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    sethc shut your ****in mouth you post ****ty pics of you surfin

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDSurfer View Post
    (snipit) Better to blame the Continental Shelf than anything else for our wave limits.
    I think I'll blame the rotational direction of the Earth. We would be better off if the storms came at us from Europe, instead of across the country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BonerSurfs View Post
    Ya, straight up, seems like most of you have never even been to The OBX, so your pretty much just talking out your butt. But you guys saying Hatty is the heaviest wave on the east coast just dont know your stuff. Anywhere can be heavy!! And Ill tell u what, i Surfed 10 foot long island barrels, and they were macking waaaaaay harder than any wave ive ever surfed down south.

    Once again, if you really want to know where the heaviest breaks on the east coast are, than u need to head to the northeast. Soooo many secret reefs and points up there in Maine and NH. I cannot believe that you Jerseyites never take any trips up there, You guys got a coldwater Indo a few hours drive from your house!!!!!! I highly reccomend any of you go up there on a good swell and check it out for yourself.

    P.S... If any of you ever do make it up there, just remember to do some exploring. It isn't like a beach town up there, with boardwalks and all that crap. Most of the coast up there has no road next to it, so if your planning on just rolling up there and hoping to spot a decent wave, well your pretty screwed. Just remember Google Earth is your Friend!!!!

    any suggestions then? i just did an obx trip and ill go north, just don't know where

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