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Thread: Outer Banks

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    Yep, almost anywhere can be heavy.

    I've surfed solid swells from gulf coast around and up to nova scotia. (not sounding like a ****).

    When Hatteras is ON, I still think it's the heaviest surfable wave.

    Ask Brett Barley, who charges 3rd reef pipe and compares the jetty with pipe when it's on.

    Silly argument, but still entertaining.
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    school surf trip

    I'm trying to get a surf trip together with my school to the outer banks, and just curious what is the best place you guys think we should go to. cape hatteras? rodanthe? were going in march, but i need to let my school who all the facts a few months in advance. any advice is helpful. thanks

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    I havent ridden there myself but i wouldnt like all the sandbars everywhere. Kinda like a giant foamball. Reforms, shoreys exc. I just kinda like the lineups in del/nj. Easily accesable and short paddles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BonerSurfs View Post
    Ya, straight up, seems like most of you have never even been to The OBX, so your pretty much just talking out your butt. But you guys saying Hatty is the heaviest wave on the east coast just dont know your stuff. Anywhere can be heavy!! And Ill tell u what, i Surfed 10 foot long island barrels, and they were macking waaaaaay harder than any wave ive ever surfed down south.

    Once again, if you really want to know where the heaviest breaks on the east coast are, than u need to head to the northeast. Soooo many secret reefs and points up there in Maine and NH. I cannot believe that you Jerseyites never take any trips up there, You guys got a coldwater Indo a few hours drive from your house!!!!!! I highly reccomend any of you go up there on a good swell and check it out for yourself.

    P.S... If any of you ever do make it up there, just remember to do some exploring. It isn't like a beach town up there, with boardwalks and all that crap. Most of the coast up there has no road next to it, so if your planning on just rolling up there and hoping to spot a decent wave, well your pretty screwed. Just remember Google Earth is your Friend!!!!

    its more than a few hrs. to get to mass. is a little over 4 hrs. and maine and hatteras is even further... like 5 or even up to 6 hrs. because the coast has so many nooks and crannies.

    and also i can't drive. damn soon enough though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swellinfo View Post
    I've surfed very good waves all up and down the coast... But, of course, we are all going to love our home breaks! Unless of course, you live in VB, then you just love the Outer Banks breaks...

    Here's one for the light weights... its a frame grab from MIA.

    I pulled this one out of the archives. Notice the this was my old site like 10 years ago, if anyone was checking my forecasts back then.
    Believe it or not I know a guy who monkey crawled one of these waves at this spot. Great for skimming on the lighter days and very few surf it. On the heavy days the shelf of sand caused by the erosion is ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wontonwonton View Post
    ... I just kinda like the lineups in del/nj. Easily accesable and short paddles.
    Don't ever go to Hawaii then. The paddle outs in OBX pale in comparison.

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    water temps

    but what about outer banks this time of the year. wats the water feel like? gloves and booties needed?

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    south of the cape you don't need gloves but if you get up toward corrolla then you might. its all about comfort tho. some people just take cold water better then others

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    well i figured i might as well show NJ some love. Summer's fun, maybe not the heaviest or the "best" but its got its fair share of good breaks, from classic casino pier, to manasquan jetty, winter gets big. I just figured it could use some love amongst the corruption of the state and the bull**** cost to get on the beach which is easily avoided

    oh yeah, and by no means am i saying NJ is better haha.
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    Sooooo. . . . .

    What we're all talking about here is what location has the best bottom contours and the right angle for any given swell and not really about the waves. . . is this not true since on the East Coast we're all essentially sharing the same storms in the same ocean. No one place has a corner on the wave market.

    Better to blame the Continental Shelf than anything else for our wave limits. Unless of course you happen to have a storm lined up and stationary just outside of a deep trench in the shelf that's aimed right at your beach. Anybody who travels can vouch for the fact that the quality of waves are infinitely variable pretty much anywhere, even Hawaii. The trick is to be there when all the planets align. With luck it might happen, but knowledge and its subsequent experience with the ocean will serve you much better in the long run.

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