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    Need Some suggestions

    Alright I am in need of a need board, and would like to make a purchase sometime in spring or summer 09(long term goal due to lack of funds). I used to have a 5'10" ...lost Round Nose Fish, and was thinking of something along those lines. My motivation was reaffirmed last night after watching the new 5'5" 19 3/4" Redux premiere and i was hoping to get some suggestions. First off the boards i am looking at are the Round Nose Fish, the merrick pod, biscuit, or fishcuit. I also can't decide to go with a 3 or 4 fins setup. Any help or further suggestion would be awesome.

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    id stick with the RNF if thats what you liked.... i have a 5'10 rnf that i absolutly love... i ride it as a twinzer set-up after much experimentation.

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    CI biscuit seems way thick for OCMD type waves isn't the 5'10 like 3 inches thick. Unless your really a big dude i'd stick w/ the Lost RNF type sahpe

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    the biscuit is really thick......the pod is more performance due to the rocker and foil and would be very similar to the RNF....

    get a five fin set up so you can go either way......

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    if you wanted the biscuit you'd probably need a 5'4 maybe 5'6 just because its so thick. The pod works better in any waves than the biscuit does, however.

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    I would go with a slick shredder with those sick mini channels. You can probably buy like 30 of them for the price of any of those other boards. I can sell you some diving goggles and 14 inch flippers. you may also want to invest in a snorkle just in case....

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    i've heard the fishcuit is a great board. supposed to ride something like a mix between a fish and Al's biscuit. if you're riding a 5'10 now, id say if go with a 5'6 maybe 5'4 if you were to pick one up. check em out.

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    Get a thruster setup for the spring. FIve may be a good idea but the quadi would not do for east coast waves

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    about the quad for the east side-that all depends on how the shaper sets up the fins on a quad......

    i had a quad that rode the barrel better than any board or fin set up i ever had....the rear fins were a little further from the rail than some of the small wave or looser quad set up's ive seen.......

    go short for sure if you choose the bisciut 5'4-5'6 like jk06385 said........good advice