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    NEW Surf Carolina Magazine Website

    Check us out here, Brad Styron has done a great job redesigning, streamlining, and organizing the website. Plenty of photos up there, too.

    Hope you enjoy!

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    Looks good

    Kudos to all those involved. Publishing (especially these days) is a risky business, so break a leg and keep us all posted. Jeff Phillips, his wife Kathy (ESA past director) and Art Baltrotsky started up an ''Action Watersports'' magazine back in the eighties here in OCM, but revenue sources just couldn't support it.

    There was also a ''Competition Surf'' magazine back in the mid to late sixties-
    not sure what East Coast state it was published in, but they did mostly East Coast stories and photographer Tom Hodge showed up to shoot pics of OCM. Before the article got printed, the mag folded. Even though they had some major sponsors like Greg Noll with his Dora Model, it couldn't survive. But then there was no internet back then either.

    We look for good things to come. Thanks for the ''heads-up.''
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    good job guys...