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    Do you eat before a morning session

    Theres nothing better than a warm, tasty egg sandwich before a morning session. After i eat though my stomach hurts and im usally releiving myself before the session. Im curious to know if anyone else has this problem too. Maybe because i get nervous cause its good, or my stomach cant handle food in the morning? Now i dont eat before i surf cause i dont want a stomach ache before my session or during it. Also, when you eat before a session your body is using energy to digest, so id rather be hungry and have more energy that a stomach ache.

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    i've discovered I have more energy without eating before a morning surf or any other exercise. I think this varies between individuals with what works for them.

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    yea thats true, everyone is different. IM looking forward to an thursday, and im debati ng whether to or or not,and what i shuld eat if i do

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    energy bar and water.. maybe some gatorade. i tend to cramp up

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    fruit and water is the best way to go

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    I would def. eat sumthin'...your bodeey'z like a car, in order 4 it 2 run, it needz fuel. If you're doin' a mornin' sessh, figure thu last time u ate wuz around 7 or 8pm thu preevius nite, so that's like 12 hourz without food. you def. won't perform az well without fuel. especially if you're hittin' up a 3-4hr sessh. u'll b toast in no time.

    I eat a huge-ass bowl o' oatmeel with raisinz and sum honeey, a grapefruit, and a donut b-4 a sessh. def. load up on carbz and sugar if u can. if u hafta, git thu s*** thu nite b4 so u don't hafta play around in thu mornin' tryin' 2 find it or buy it, wasting valuable water time. Also drink plenteey uv water b4 u go in. Even if you're not thirsteey. Vitamin water'z da s*** if u want just a lill' flavor instead uv just plain water. Also, don't eat right b4 u go in, or most uv it will end up on your surfboard rather than your stomache. give it atleest an hour so your bodeey haz time 2 process all uv it. Don't drink coffee or OJ eether b4 jumpin' in. even if you're a coffee drinker. If i know it's gunna b a long session, i'll even load up on a bagel az well. your bodeey will thank u afterwardz and u'll have plenteey o' fuel 4 that 3-4 hr sessh. note-a banana iz also a good idea for potassium.

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    morning sessions are usually a pre-dawn wake-up, where you barely stumble into the car to check the waves. waters a must, otherwise no food. maybe a banana if there's one laying around. depending on the tide, usually get a good session in from dawn to before lunch, eat, then surf again an hour later, with a change of wetsuit if you've got it. but im definitely not making food that early, or stopping for anything but surf.

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    well my morning routine is as follows. First, a little quality time on the toilet.Nex,t a quick ride up the road to my favorite coffee stop Hockers dairy market. Finally some theraputic foliage, then your ready to surf. Maybe if you had a couple too many the night before, you can throw some scrapple in the mix.

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    i normally eat a little bit before like fruit and water or a power bar cuz i dont like to be hungry surfing

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    Usually I just crank down some coffee because I'm too busy feeding the kids, loading them in car with board and gear for post drop off surf session. When I have time, I drink a smoothie...frozen fruit, berries, walnuts, yogurt, protein powder would be typical. This always works the best for me and digests fast. If I don't have one before I have one when I get back...that would be most of the time.
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