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    New Surf Board in the Making!!!

    Hey everyone my name is Seth Mattox and two of my friends and myself are trying to start off a new brand brand of surf board called Troll Surfboards. We just wanted a little feedback of what you as potential customers might like from a surfboard. I should let you know that both of my friends are doing the shaping and one is designing some pretty sick designs for the boards, but as i said we just wanted to know what you guys would like as far as length width how thick you want it, basically what the best board for you is....

    Absolutely any feedback is greatly appreciated!!

    - Seth, Mark, and Jack....Troll Surfboards.

    Also our email is

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    basically what you are asking is what any shaper ask their client when a custom board is being shaped. the best way to get feed back is to show what you got.. show how you make it differnt.. how it rides better. every shaper does something differnt. what makes troll boards the boards to ride? baring this in mind, you are also up against a time where pop outs are showing up more and more.. if you want the businesss you got to suggest something thats going to set you apart.. someone can tell you all day what they would like in a board, doesnt mean that it will work well for them in the water, especially if they dont know to much about shaping them selves.. with out being able to surf your product or see it with my own eyes its hard to bite down what your trying to market. just some constructive critisizim/feedback from a shaper to a prospective shaper. nothin but love! pura vida!

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    How many boards have you shaped thus far?

    Selling boards is not like selling Tee-shirts. People buy tee shirts as a fashion statement, while people buy surfboards to perform. I personally wouldn't ride a board shaped by anyone who's shaped less than a few thousand boards.

    Why? Because I help run a business and my surf time is limited, and therefore extremely precious. The last thing I want to do is waste it riding a board shaped by someone who doesn't really know what they're doing. I have a friend who shapes and is extremely passionate about it, and he barely speaks to me and another of our mutual friends because we don't want to ride his boards. Why? Because despite his passion, I'm not entirely convinced that his boards are as good as the boards shaped by guys I've learned to trust, and my surftime is way too valuable to waste on mediocre equipment, period. I know that pisses him off, but when it comes to surfing I'm a bit selfish.

    Another thing, considering that fact that Natural Art, Spectrum, and several other PROMINENT board manufacturers with big-name team riders have gone under in the last few years, you need to seriously consider how realistic this idea is given the current economic climate. If you're doing it as a labor of love and just want to build boards for you & your bros that's one thing. If you're thinking that you guys are going to be the next "LOST" or something, unless you have some actual pros willing to be the face of your brand and A LOT of resources to promote it, you're pretty much screwed.

    Start simple....shape & ride your own boards. Once you feel confident that your shapes actually work well enough to promote them, start giving your bros boards at cost to get them into the line-up. Do your best to get your name out there & hope for the best.

    But just remember:

    "the best way to start hating the thing you love is to make it your business"

    Good luck.

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    couldnt of said it bettrer my self my friend. but a guy can dream. do it for why we surf.. its all for the love..

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    Ok, well...

    I'm 5' 10", 200 lbs transitioning from beginner to intermediate. Started on 7'6" funshape, once I could stand consistently I traded for a 6'2" shortboard (yeah dumb) totally flopped of course, and now I'm on a 9' longboard catching everything & learning to turn. What I'm looking for for my next board is something like a 7s SuperFish XL but in epoxy with 5 fin setup 7'3" 22" 3". Something I can attempt to learn more carving maneuvers on, but still cruise like a longboard as well. Since I can already get an experienced local shaper to build one at a very reasonable price, all I can say is that if you wanted to throw me a board, I'd be happy to provide recommendations for your product if it's up to snuff.