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    windswept - PI webcam

    anybody know when the windswept - PI cam will be back in service or IF it will be back in service?

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    Never mind...I got it. shootz its froggy out there today

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    WOW, just wow

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    just go check it, its better anyways. and yeah it was really foggy at pawleys today. from the water you could barely make out the houses...

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    thats kinda the problem...if its really dealin and I can see it on the cam or I just know its gonna be good because of conditions I just ditch work and surf. but just takin off to check it and goin back to work is a hassle...not that surfin isnt worth the know what I mean. I got some guys thatll holler at me if theresanything going on . I just like to check it on the computer when i can...hope ya got on it...surfing good waves in the fog is cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by adowcett View Post
    WOW, just wow
    dude where have you been?

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    Windswept is that the one at the pier village cam? That one sucks. With the fickle nature of pawleys, we need a high quality cam.. I am going to check into the cost and see how much it is to get one off some ones house that can really zoom in and out. You could probably get people to throw in mulah for it at surf the earth or something. It is worth it, esp for those who are stuck at work out in conway, gtown, or up in myrtle.. Many times I have been skunked thinking it was good on that cam and other sources.Ofcourse that is why it is always good to have a source who checks on the island and lets you know. Its also easy if you were to get up early for a possible mission( and you live in murrells inlet or 15mins. away from PI) and not knowing if you wanted to stay at PI or haul as up north or south for a swell that you know would be more solid in those locations, its worth it. Cams like this:
    We all know as well that sometimes it takes time to head to your house and grab gear etc. And if it sucked and was very obvious on a good cam, you could get more work done. There is the other side as well in which it could bring more people out there as well. But, you could set it up under privacy settings and have to put in a user name and password for people who helped pay for it. Thoughts??

    For instance:

    Getting it on a website woud not be a problem. Anyone who owns the website to get more traffic on there, would almost pay you.

    The only other issue when I think about it, would be lets say you had 20 people, who pay 40 bucks each, that would cover all cost and maybe over the actual cost. It would just be whether or not the people would pay to have the whole public view it and possibly have more surfers in the lineup. Or have that 20 on the list have a username and password to it. Then if the word got out, it would be because somebody gave the password out.

    Just a shot in the dark I guess, do you think this would be worth it?
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    that is alot to think about. Good points and bad. Alot of unanswered questions...that Im not sure could be answered until the cam was actually activated. It would sure be nice tho. yes, that cam at windswept is not the best. There has been days that youll look at that thing and it doesnt look like Sh!t...go b y the beach later and its rockin. who would be amenable to setting a cam up at their beachfront home...any ideas? PI is very fickle and with that any oppurtunity to check it quick on the comp w/o driving 15 minutes one way would be so nice, economical, convenient, less emissions into the atmosphere.....LOL...but really it would