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    This morning in DE

    Anybody surf this morning? bc i did. And i was prob one of 4 people is saw in the water where i was and it was absolutely sick. Wait time in between sets was a little long but it was firing overhead and nice long rides. Sections opening up, more than one barrel on waves. So a teacher and i took off this morning to surf and im glad i did. Wish i coudl start everday like so much more patient.

    Anybody got any pix from this morning? i saw some photographers.....

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    Yup I was there. Snapped a couple shots before jumping in. I was one of the longboarders. working like a right point for a while, but it died out quick. lots of wind. Definitely got slotted a few times so it was well worth it.

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    Son of a b@#$%, I tried to catch an after work session and it was crap. Definitely ridable, but closing out, windy, cold, late, just not worth it.

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    agree - Delaware was worthless this afternoon, small and windblown
    maryland had some size left but not really working mid afternoon

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    delaware looked fun this am but......

    ocmd was hookin, fun and just a few people out first thing this am......

    i heared it got terrible everywhere later on.....

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    the morning in oc was sick. definately overhead sets with some barrels to be had for sure. not to many people out at all. too bad it crapped out so fast. i was expecting a second good session with the incoming tide.

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    still some size right now. better give it a look in the morn