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Thread: music taste

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    I can't get enough of Trapped Under Ice... to all you goons that like hardcore... get into it...

    Song - Street Lights = go outta my mind.

    "There is so much hate, that I can't escape, no matter what I do. So hard to face the reality, but it's the truth.

    Thousands of lives spent in prison cells, with no future to look forward to. Separate the unreal from the real, and the untrue from the true."

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    I thought hardcore died with Ray Beez and when Ray Today started chanting "ramaramaharihari"

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    super death metal sucks

    if it suits u, fine, listen to it, but i cant watch surf vids with super intense music. I usually just turn the audio off on a surf vid and que my own music. the relaxing stuff's the best. it doesnt evn have to be defined as "surf" or island, but if its relaxing, i usually like it. ie: Band of Horses - No one's gonna love you, the funeral.
    The only cool kinda intense song i've seen on a surf vid is the song drop by swizzle tree, on jamie o'brien's freakside trailer.