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    K-Flex Fins (FCS)

    I recently bought my first shortboard and it came with the standard FCS G-5 fins. I've heard from a few people that the K 2.1 FSC fins would provide much more response for turns, etc. While I was looking at getting the K 2.1 fins, I came across the K-Flex fins, which are supposed to replicate the K 2.1 fins but have a softer rubber coating around the edges to protect from falls/cuts.

    I still fall quite a bit when I surf and I have a lot of room for improvement so my 2 questions are:

    1. Do you think I will even notice a difference between the G-5's and the K 2.1's or the K-Flex fins or do you have to be fairly experienced to notice differences between fins?

    2. Do you think there is a noticable performance difference between the K 2.1's and the K-Flex fins due to the softer coating on the edge (although FCS claims they are very similar)

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