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    Troll Surfboards is a couple pics!!

    These are two boards that we have already made we want to share with you guys let us know what you think please and thank you!!

    -The guys at troll.
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    Boards look good guys, but again.. cant really compare apples to apples.. they look like any other neilson, lost, hic.. .what have you.. with out demoing and getting feed back from an outside source, no one can tell your board from the next. i can go take a pic of my quiver and say i shaped it.. and i would look just as credible.. dont get me wrong not trying to knock your dream or what your doing,... just need a little more then just asking people what they want from you to shape and taking pics of a board.. you need testemonies so to speak. good luck

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    they look good guys! but i agree with the guy above...if you get enough done so people can feel how they react in the water that will get you a better customer pool and such. where are you guys out of?