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Thread: merry christmas

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    Exclamation Water IS COLD

    i was bodyboarding in the ho ho surf comp and there were no waves and i got a hole in my suit, froze my nuts off!

    there might be some waves, but at least you will be getting in the water where it is chill

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    I needed a good luagh!!!

    Ahhh man my sense of humor must be coming back b/c I'm about crying laughing.

    All I wanted for christmas was a good job and that's starting 1/3/09 ...
    So if I get to surf/shoot in the meantime so be it!

    Merry Christmas
    ... ya bunch of 'tards.

    O! and I got tickets for the Fernando Fight at the civic center 2/6/09!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xgen70 View Post
    And like so many other true KooKs, if you do show your face around any of the local breaks, you are sure to keep a low is so easy to talk smack when no one knows who you are or what you look like.

    But really, You do have a role to play,.. jimbo,..really you do. The world needs clowns like you,... laughing is the best medicine they say. So you see, you are of some value, so please do not kill yourself........yet. give it time, you may grow older and find something worth living for. We all understand that the holidays can be a hard time for people like yourself, depressed and all. I can see that you reaching out to us all, at this time of is your way of saying help, and I hear you Jimbo. Please do not kill yourself.....
    I don't know what the hell your talking about. You have way to much time on your hands. Every time you post something its like reading as essay. Guess you don't get out in public to much so you talk on here all day. Your probably 40 years old with no job, living in your grandmothers basement all day, Jimbo is back.hahaha

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    Oh oh

    Sponge fight! And thats better then a Cat fight. Get your cameras ready.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ECsponger View Post
    I only want an 80 GB iPod and some barrels. Is that asking too much?
    i wanted a Red Ryder rifle but my mom said I'd shoot my eye out...

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    Me and my cohorts eat caviar only on Tuesdays. As for you, well you eat grit and grime.
    Full melt hash
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