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    dang, i remember when i first started surfing in like the 6th grade. Sometimes it just wasnt practical to take the surfboard in the car to the beach so i'd take my boogie board. I could stand up on the smallest of waves and ride them all the way to the beach and skim them onto the sand. That was so fun and i could do it during swim only hours like at the pier in the middle of the day. People would just give me the goofiest looks when i did that. I only weighed 100 back then so it wasnt too hard now it'd probably be tough.

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    A few months ago I searched around MD and DE area shops for one to check out but noone had any in stock. At least where I went. I also spoke with a few lifeguards at different areas and they all said that they would still not allow a board with fins in the water while they were on duty. Didn't matter what it was made of, they said the fins were also an issue. Whats up with that? Lifeguards, let us know...

    I have no doubt that those boards will float the average surfer.

    I have seen people really getting on those Toobs, but I'm weary because they are pretty short. But regardless, alot of people were getting some good midday summer standup sessions on them this past summer.

    the herlihy is one of the longest bodyboards in the market, pretty sure its 46 inches or somewhere around there. i know toobs also use to put out a board that was about 50 inches, much like the herlihy but also with channels. im sure you could get one of those custom if the price is right. far as the fin/surfboard controversy, the town of ocean city md created there own definitions of what surfboards and bodyboards are. For instance, the town considers everything over 42.5 inches to be a surfboard, regardless of material and design. this is no doubt a reponse to the recent standup bodyboard revolution ha. i know on some streets inoc stand up is not allowed. the mans just trying to bring us down haha

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    Thanks for the help guys

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    Cut from town code below...

    Honestly, the town of OC recognizes that the best asset they have to offer is the beach. The discussion that seems to be building is "how to maximize that value?" Join the discussion.

    Do your homework, and float a proposal for changes. I stress the 'do your homework' part... Get facts and figures, and look at things from many different angles.

    OC Town Code, 106-93

    Boogie board. A flexible, semi-soft, buoyant, semi-curved object, no longer than 3 1/2 feet and no wider than two feet and no thicker than four inches, made of a closed-cell polyethylene foam and possibly but not always having a smooth plastic layer attached to the bottom and without rigid or semi-rigid attachments or protrusions for aid in steering or movements which serve as a rudder and commonly referred to as "skegs."

    Skimboard. A plastic board or other object used to glide, slide, or skim across the water with a person standing thereon.

    Surf mats. Any object that is fully inflatable and depends for its buoyancy on said inflation and is not of a rigid or semirigid construction.

    Surfboard. Any object of rigid or semirigid construction, noninflatable, including, but not necessarily limited to, surfboards, bellyboards, paddleboards, etc., constructed or partially constructed of wood, plastic, fiberglass, styrofoam or similar foam substances, or any other similar substances, or combination thereof, but not including surf mats and boogie boards.