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    i just watched this a few days ago.. my advice is to carry a second wallet with a few fake credit cards etc..

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodndtube View Post
    I liked her but decided that at 13 she is a little too young for me.

    hahaha well played

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDSurfer View Post
    I spent the summer of '74 there after driving down through Mexico and Guatemala (10,000 miles RT). Summer can get very good. Stop in at Punta Rocas Restaurant and resort in Libertad and say ''hello'' to Bob and Marta Rothermel while you're there.

    My Avatar is from Punta Rocas in July of '74, and don't freak out about the graveyard. It's been there a long long time. The bad news is the point break is located right at a rivermouth- one that John Parton and others affectionately referred to as the Polio River. Lots of hepatitis floating around- and a couple of nasty boulders right in the peak of the lineup. Turn your board upside down when you step off the shore to avoid rock dents on the bottom of your board- then flip it back over once in deeper water.
    Generally I think you are a know-it-all wind bag MD Surfer but that is one of the coolest things I have heard. 1974 driving the whole coast? It would be ballzy to do that now with cell phones, GPS, etc. But in '74? Good on ya.

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    Suffice to say, I've been around for some time now. What's your excuse? We had things called Maps, and we could actually read them, and better yet, they were free. . . what what?
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    El Salvy

    That '74 Trip does sound pretty amazing. I tried to pull off the ULTIMATE TRIP in 2005. We had plans to drive from San Diego to Panama, sell car, fly to Ecuador, then Brazil, SA, Maldives, Indo, NZ, Tonga then home. 5 months. We took 8 weeks driving the central american portion, and it was epic. However, the gods decided I should not continue on when my left arm welcomed some damned mosquito that gave me some virus that nearly killed me. I had to go home for medical help and never made it back to meet up with my buddy. He made it around the world solo.

    But, hey, ended up getting married to the girl I was dating at the time and now try to enjoy those rare gem days that roll into our own no-mans land between Navals and Assateague! I have learned you have to grow to love your home break, no matter how awful it is comparatively speaking.

    And about El Salvador, definitely go. that was one of my favorite spots on the whole coast line. That and Nexpa and Pescualles in Mex and the some real secrets on the norther border of Nica.

    Santa Claus bring me a SE mid period swell with NW winds for xmas-new years. Would love to hit Teague mid winter on a nice big swell.

    see ya out there