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    Where should I go this summer?

    I have a summer (June, July, August) internship with NASA, and can choose two of the following locations:
    -Kennedy Space Center in Florida
    -Jet Propulsion Laboratories in northern Los Angeles (30 minutes from nearest beach on good traffic day)
    -Wallops Flight Facility just south of the VA/MD border near south end of Assateague Island National Park

    Which two should I choose to find the best chance of summer surf? The L.A. one seems like a no-brainer, but I would have to drive across L.A. to get to the beach, which is always an unknown. I also don't know whether it breaks better in VA or FL in the summer, so any advice would be appreciated (I live in Texas, so I assume that any of these would be better than staying here this summer).

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    florida can have very long flat spells during the middle of the summer.

    VA/MD has small 1-3 consistent surf in the summer with the occasional chest to head high swell.

    South LA county doesn't get a whole lot of surf in the summer, but North LA and Orange County definitely get surf in the summer time, and will be more consistent then East Coast surf.

    LA and MD are completely different scenes, so I would choose base on what kind of scene you are looking for. If you are interested in the big city stuff, then go to LA, and you will also be stoked on the SoCal surf coming from TX. If you want to experience the party beach towns in the summer filled with tourism, then I'd say come to the east coast.

  3. Go the SoCal.

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    Go to Assateague

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    If you come to the eastcoast make sure you don't live near wallops because there's nothing going on. Once you go south of OC Maryland there's no good restaurants and the bars are sausage fests. The best bar around is Kerby's on 96th street and Harbor Side Bar and GRill in west ocean city