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Thread: Broken Nose

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    Broken Nose

    Hey I was wondering if anyone has ever surfed with a broken nose? I got a trip planned to costa next week and i just got my nose back in place after messing it up playing football. The doc doesnt want me to surf for two weeks but i cant handle that.

    Any advice?

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    Well, that truly sucks.

    The doc said don't do it.

    So.... you gotta ask yourself one question.......

    (look up "Dirty Harry" if you don't know the rest of that line)

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    yeah you can surf with a broken nose just put some tape on the nose going from side to side. trust me ive done it you just gotta be carefull.

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    Are you willing to have it reset if something happens? If the answer is yes, you can surf.

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    i still have this splint thing on it but ill try it out the tape also thanks!

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    you'll be straight. I got my wisdom teeth pulled out friday morning the weekend be4 school started and was able to go surfing sunday morning and night only like 60 hrs later

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    ha bro u'll be just fine don't worry i broke my nose and split open the bottom of it they glued the cut and set it back and i was in the water the next day, with some pain meds of course.

    just if you fall, don't go head first and ull be okay

    Best of luck on your trip