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Thread: Swellinfo T

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    Swellinfo T

    Asked for and got a swellinfo t-shirt for Christmas...stoked!

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    Lewes, DE
    Thanks for the support - glad your stoked on the Tee!

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    just bought one today!! SICK

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    pfox told me yesterday that after he steals the world title from slater hes gonna wear his new tee and officially rep swellinfo properly. i hope he does win it. maybe he'll take his buddy somewhere with waves every now and then!

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    Cricha- Im not going steal that elusive title.... going to earn it! Going to start off the new year with stunning victories at the Triple Crown of North Litchfield, South Litchfield and Pawleys. Then I will give repeated shout outs to Swellinfo and of course, the BIG JC, as none of this would be possible without either of them.

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    Do you mean RC??? who is sure wont win any spelling bees. anyway, go getcha some. YOU DA MAN

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    No, JC (as in the birthday we just celebrated) .I think ricky's is some time in April

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    oh ok....JC. I get it. Your past first name basis and have moved straight to initials. hey- if you two are that tight how bout get him to send us a WAVE!!!!!!

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    btw...which tee did you get? is it the one with the overhead icon dude? if so dont leave it in your truck cuz im sure it'd look better on me

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    Green- overhead. But that is the forecast for NEXT week- if you look on the back, it reads "7 days later" and its knee high and red (thats what the swell actually was.