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I was just thinking about how much longboards really piss me off. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks!!! CUT THEM OFF!!! So to be frank, if your over 40 and ride a longboard, you are now the lowest priority in the lineup. The first reason being that, your over 40 and have probably surfed 2 times as long as I have, and the second reason being that, well longboards are pretty lame. Honestly, i don't even see how you all enjoy riding those huge planks of wood, don't you ever wanna just throw a bash??
Now this is not to say that I'm just gonna burn every longboarder I see, and I ain't burning any cool old guys that can still get down and hang 10 and whatnot. But if your just one of those guys that just goes out, sit 50 yards out past everyone else and takes all the good peaks just to stand there stink butt style, your days of peak snagging are over!!

I know all your shortboarders have trouble with old longboarders, and my message to you is to not take their nonsense any longer!! When you see an old longboarder just stinking up a wave, go ahead and drop in on him (and make sure to bash the lip infront of them also, this makes longboarders cringe with envy!!!) I'm not taking the BS anymore, and neither should any of you!! BURN THE LONGBOARDERS!!!!!!
Well to start I'm not sure how many people still ride a wood board, anyway I can say for certain I can shred a longboard better than you "probably" can any board, and I'm not near 40. You should keep your bad days to yourself.