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    Word up Fletch-man no prob. Yea Jay Reale does an excellent service system there in - almost ordered the Vipers there, but they only had a sale of 15% + S&H, and I made a better choice There's also a message board which I used there recently, Were Mike Stewart himself may just answer your question (if you're nice) which is awesome . . . .He's got a new movie out called FIRE - 2-discs and I'm hoping he does a premiere on the EC somewhere, I don't care where - I wanna go!

    But yea, I ain't gonna travel anywhere far to get my surf gear when the surfs' in my backyard and the shops are just a couple minutes away.

    And keeping the money local is VERY important. Always remember, that with every dollar that you spend, you are basically voting, in a sense. You are saying you support this product, brand, whatever it is, and you must think about the impact it may have on local economy. If you spend your money mail-ordering stuff that comes from China or somewhere overseas, then that money doesn't go back into the rotation of the economy.
    Just think about this for a second while i scratch my ass
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