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    Juno Pier FL Jan 2nd

    Some how i managed to get a few good waves with a million of my not so closest friends. The worst part of it all was the line up was spread from the outside through the inside so you were either dodging people or almost getting run over the whole time and when that wasn't happening older so called locals were yelling that all no local need to leave. Needless to say i was laughing the whole time. The yelling didnt help their cause. You would think them being locals they would be able to surf there own break, that was not the case. I have surfed so many spots on the east coast and that was the first time i saw not stop yelling about how all non locals should leave. South Florida people really need to chill out and relax. So anyways heres are some photos i shot of the friendly locals and non locals. Ha Also i hope have some sweet photos from PR in the next week, wish me luck...also dont forget to check out my 2008 photo album

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    i agree with ya flsurfer. i have noticed the localism up there several times. i have surfed up and down the east coast, maine to florida and other spots as well and have never heard a bunch of old timers run their mouths more then at juno. do they stay down south when there is solid groundsell hitting sebastian or up north cause they are not locals up there? what happens when they travel to costa or puerto? some situations its called for but for the most part they just look like assholes. although i did get a laugh a few weeks ago when a few of them chased the hurley team out of the water because they were catching all the waves and not leaving any for the locals. i know it sucks, in delray there are usually a select few who surf the crap chop slop and pay their dues, then next thing you know a refraction swell hits and there are people all over the place that arent "locals" and every wave is a party wave. just gotta deal with it and let the surfing do the talking. drop in on a kook here and there and eventually they'll get out of your way
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    yeah i know what you mean i live in Delray and see that happen all the time ...Cant wait for a good refraction swell