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    surf partner wanted!!!

    who ever wants to surf with me please call me at ###-###-###.
    Im looking for someone to talk to me in the water, put my wetsuit on,wax my board, and well have a gresat time. My mom will make us any sandwiches so were good.thanks bra
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    Not sure if this is real or what, but please dont post personal phone numbers in the forum. Have people private message you if you want to exchange personal info.

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    meet me at pipeline bra, 8am sharp

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    sorry cant meet you there, my moms minivan cannot float like a boat. I can meet you at huntington beach pier!!! Il be there with my mom and my 7'6" yellow foam board.

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    ummwhat Guest
    jonny law ure out of ure mind...heard u were down in pr for a were the waves?

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    hahaha,shhhhh , no names haha, pr was sick. Im goin in january for two weeks.

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    hey broseph. wanna meet up at Domes in january? meet me at 3pm on the first sunday you are there. make sure you are pasty white and have your yellow foam board. oh yeah, bring a bad attitude too.