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    Jamie O'Brien mini helicpoter pipe footage

    Jamie O’brien, the new “Mr. Pipeline,” is working with this photographer who is using the Canon Red One (the latest and greatest tech.) and using a remote control helicopter to get the shots, amazing HD footage of him getting a switch barrel at Backdoor (the right of Pipeline)

    There is going to be a movie made using this technology. It will be sick. I hope it captures the power of pipe because I'm sure it's unimagineable to us commoners...


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    That is just unbelievable! Looks sooo good... can't wait to see more..

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    isn't Jamie technically the "old mr. pipeline" seeing as how Slater won the pipe masters this year, and Bede Durbige won it the year before???...

    i'm not trying to start somethin... i'm just sayin.

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    that video looks sick....

    Slater knows how to win the heats out there, but Jamie O is the true style master.... not to mention he surfs it every single time its good.

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    Yeah I'd say Slater is the reigning King of Pipe, but Jamie O owns that place.

    Dude, mini remote controlled helicopters filming HD footage of Jamie O inside macking backdoor? I mean...!? the future has arrived I think. Now if I can just get a star trek style transporter to some nice left points in Peru or Maldives I'd be set.