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    snowboard question

    ok im about 165lbs 5'5. would i be alright on a 145 youth board? its seems like it would be fine but it also seems silly me being 23 and buying something meant for lil dudes.

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    Feb 2008
    may flex to much, it may be long enough but its made for tall bean polls, and if you have bigger boot you'll pay for it when it ices up.

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    no way man, its most likely not wide enough for your feet and will drag when you turn, youll need at least a 152. check out for some good last year board deals

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    everyone ive asked said a 145 is the size i need, and what they always give me when i rent. boot size is 9 btw.

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    and its gotta be the right height which is like neck

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    dude your fine. im 5'6 140 and i have a 146, im going to vermont next weekend, and like last year it was fine in the pow. you'll be fine....

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    you can ride a range of boards it jsut all depends what youre gonna do with riding park or you hitting the double blacks? if youre riding park get a shorter board lots of flex...if youre jsut there to ride get a board thats up to your nose...btw with a size 9 foot you should be getting any toe drag on any board.

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    My brother is about 5'5"-5'7" and rides a 151.

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    well im 5'11' and ride a 156' which allows we to ride park with good flex but stays strong going fast...dont worry about the size..thats really not that important

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