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    eastcoasst732 Guest

    i need help choosing a board, help me out!

    hey guys i live on the eastcoast in jersey and i need help choosing a board because every board i got i dont seem to like that much, i love to surf around waist-chest high waves like tricks kinda stuff. i want a board thats loose feeling and easy to paddle in (not a longboard not a big fan of them) so if anyone knows any boards please tell me or send me a link of it thanks alot

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    May 2006
    Lewes, DE
    post this in the mid atlantic forum, and you should get some help here.

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    Dec 2008
    cape may
    any kind of quad

    i just got dan taylor stretch quad an i love it

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    I agree, try a quad or twinzer. I have a Kane Garden Twinzer Fish that works great. I also have a couple of quad fish that I love.

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    Really depends how much experience you have. I think you could be a frustrated surfer if you're not really that experience. You don't need to start on a longboard, but you could start on something with some foam in it. GOOD LUCK!!