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  1. Patience Surf Film Trailer

    Hope you guys enjoy my project. I posted in video section also please post everywhere. Thanks


    PATIENCE is the highly anticipated surf film by Creative Society Media. The film stars the best waves and surfers in the world.

    Starring: Luke Ditella, Lucas Rogers, Jesse Hines, Noah Snyder, Rob Kelly, Brendan Petticrew, Vince Boulanger, Raven Lundy, Jarrah Tutton, Mike Gleason, Wesley DeSouza, Jeff Myers

    Kelly Slater, Jeremy Flores, Patrick Beven, CJ Hobgood, Tommy Bursian, Corey Lopez, Chris Ward, Rhys Bombaci, Philip Gould, Michel Bourez, Billy Hume, Brendon Buckley and FRIENDS

    PATIENCE was filmed on location in New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida, California, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, France, Australia and more....

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    im def going to see that when it comes out, alot of riders on it to, looks sick!

  3. whoa dude movie looks sweet!

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    looks soooo sick... especially that bald guy getting barreled at the end


  5. i almost died making PATIENCE...

    i hope you guys like it. thanks for the support. keep you posted on it

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    that air by vince boulanger at the beginning of his part is mental... you guys think this could be the best film with a east coast base of all time? it looks way better than best laid plans and that got mad love. plus i am in it.


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    this looks unreal...where will i be able to pick a copy of this up?

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    the movie looks sick chaz, especially if it is edited as tight as the trailer. im buying it

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    thanks for the support guys! ill have a more theme of Patience oriented trailer a few months before Premiere. This one was to get peoples attention.