Depends on what you're looking for. Personally, I prefer Sandbridge.

The major plus is the space - it's less crowded than almost anywhere else in VB and if it's breaking at one spot in SB it's probably breaking at spots all up and down SB.
The community down there is pretty tightnit too but way more laid back and, IMHO, way more accepting and tolerant than anywhere north of Dam Neck. Great place for learners to go - more experienced surfers will generally be pretty helpful and understanding toward you and not ****s.
Despite the tourist cottages it's got the rural small-town local feel which I prefer to the cookie-cutter hotels at the Oceanfront. It's a good, positive atmosphere.

Major drawback is obviously there's no jetties or anything to hold the sand in place. Sandbars move all over the place so it's a challenge to find them sometimes. Parking can suck at times but there's plenty of beach accesses and most of the time you'll be able to find somewhere free to park (usually the side of the road or at Little Island Park if no one is in the gazebo).