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    Camps sites in OBX?

    i know there's 8 billion obx threads but i was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for campsites there? i'm looking to go for a week in march

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    frisco campground is legit it's real big and the ranger lets you go around and pick any spot....bout a 1/4 mile walk to surf down the walkway and a market rit down the street for food

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    sweet. i saw that one when i was looking them up online and it looked like the best choice. thanks

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    OMG man Frisco campsite is like seriously the best thing ever, man that place it super cool, Im not joking. It's like $20 a nite but you might be able to sneak in there for one night. Some friends and I did once, we just came in late during the night, right off the Hatteras ferry, and there was no guard. I guess you're on the "honor system" but we were real low on cash by the end of our trip, so we just set up a tent real quick and then left at about 8am. The man at the gate, stopped us, and we told him we just came in real early to surf and we were just leaving. He wasn't happy. but he let us go! haha I know that was wrong but we only did that once... but if you can, Go to site B-12 - it's about the coolest site. It's down off the road a bit, like down into some trees and its real secluded.. super chill and awesome walk to the beach...out across these long boardwalks crossing marshy area to the main dune. Check it out!

    Other places, Oregon Inlet is a good halfway point. It's pretty open but there's some cool sites there, nice walk to the beach-through the dunes-but don't get hammered and try to go to the beach. I did that on my solo trip and I got lost and thought I was on a martian landscape haha.

    If you get to Ocracoke, skip the National camp site. Go into town, to British Cemetery Rd. and go to Teeter's Campground. That guy is super cool as hell, and he will let you stay (if your party is small) for about $15 a night. PLUS there's hot showers there, and power. Then go get lost in town for a while. Hope that will help you out. Let me know if you wanna know more. I hit a bunch of places down there including hostels and backyards, and squatted under a house or two for a night or so.

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    In November, a few of us went to the Sands of Time campground in Avon.

    It's a small place, and the a potential problem is that there aren't many tent sites. We didn't have a problem getting one though. Maybe a good backup place to go for a few days if swell/wind is bad somewhere else.

    The main positive is the accessibility to the beach. If you are looking for off-road access, it's available only about a mile from the campground. You can surf near the pier to the south or just keep driving forever north looking for a spot.

    You should be able to search and find it on google.

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    Be sure to check campsite opening dates before you set out. Most of the NPS campgrounds don't open until 04/03/09. Phil, I'm surprised you haven't been there yet.
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    i've been to the obx countless times, but i've never camped before. i was just trying to get word on the best campsites in the area. the two i'm looking at open on march 1st

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    ecsponge-squatting,backyards and stiffing the campground in hatteras.
    giving surfers a bad name,thanks.

    cape woods campground in buxton is great.

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    Buxton cape woods awsome place close to the lighthouse, if you go remember to feed the turtles

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    Phil, not sure what area you are looking for, but I really liked the Cape Woods Campground. Also stayed @ Frisco Woods which is also nice & the Cape Hatteras KOA in Rodanthe.

    I haven't camped in years down there though, not as easy with the kids in a tent. We rent a house now.

    Here is a link of campsites I had saved.