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Thread: Costa Photogs?

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    Costa Photogs?

    anyone know anything about photographers in costa rica?? like how much they charge...what theyre like..just anything..

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    aprendas espagnol mi amigo.

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    When I stayed in Playa Grande for a month, there was this lady with one of the biggest cameras I've seen, (IDK much about cameras), who would sit on the beach pretty much every day there were waves and take photos... we talked to her and told her how long we were staying and any photos she got of my friends and I, we would like to buy at the end.

    I'm almost 100% sure we paid $45-50 for the album and I myself got upwards of almost 100 shots. They burn it nicely on a CD for you and they even allow you to pick one photo you really like out of all of them and they print it on high quality shiny paper, like an 8x11 size.

    IDK if any of that helps but here is the myspace to the company that was doing it...

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    Check out the web site The guy that runs the site is really cool and he takes a pretty good photo. He doesn't charge that much and if he gets some good shots he will put them on a CD for you. The only issue is that he is located in Nosara, but the waves are very consistent there and the town is very laid back. Check it out.

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    Here's a site with most of the larger name photogs in CR.

    I don't recommend David McNeil. Dude is a strait kook. He look at any opportunity to mkae money off you. Decent shots, but the dude is straight from lame-o city.

    Shifi usually hangs around the central pacific area (hermosa) and she is cool as hell. She moved there from Israel a few years back, and now runs the photog in Hermosa pretty much, Shes a way nice girl who shoots great shots! This is my number one recomendation for surf shots in Costa. Her shots are resonabily priced as well. Check that site i posted, bc i belive the contaqct info for photogs is on there.

    Other than that, there are a number of photogs are any giving 'prime spot' and belive me, you will not have trouble finding that.