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Thread: board bags

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    board bags

    getting a board bag for my trip to saint thomas. i was only going to bring one of my boards, its a 5'10". I will definitely be doing more traveling in the future where i will need to bring more boards. Just needed some advice on whether I should buy a bigger board bag so I can use it for my other trips when I bring more then 1 board or if I should just get a single board bag. Reason I am asking is I am not sure if i get a bigger bag then needed would put my single board at more risk for damage. I was going to fill it with clothes and other stuff too.

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    I have the FCS Travel Cover (double). It fits 2 boards with fins or 3 without. Sure you can put just 1 board in there and be fine. They have straps in the inside that secure the board. Also, packing towels in is a good idea too. I use bubble wrap. I actually made a bubble wrap sock that slips over my boards before I put them in the board bag. I recommend this bag highly.

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    I also use a bubble wrap baggie that slips inside my lightly padded day bag. I use some more bubble wrap or a towel as a nose protector and a double folded towel along the length of the rail that is opposite of the carry handle for protection if the board slips or is placed down hard on its side. A towel also goes on the bottom & top of the board unless wetsuits are needed for cold water destinations.