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    x games boarding superpipe

    who else think kevin pearce got robbed...

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    Yeah he got robbed

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    apparently the annoucers did.

    I missed kevin pearce's run, but sean white's last run was pretty damn good.

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    if shaun white weren't shaun white, he would'vd gotten silver.
    he got an inflated score because of he's shaun white.

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    they both had really good runs, the fact that shaun skipped out on his last cab 12 and put in a mctwist wasnt too cool.

    but dont forget, im pretty sure that in pearces 90pt run, he completely skipped out on his last trick, so shuan had that on him.

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    Whites run from a technical perspective was better. KP did a strait air on his first hit and SW did a rodeo. Plus KP skipped the last hit. that's what won it for white. I would have scored it that way too (i've been judging local halfpipe comps since 1990).
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    Kevin Pearce Loses to the Ginger Ninja, mom sends him to his room

    Was he robbed?

    Video from the finals