In Feb., it is unlikely that "all" the snow will melt. Worse case scenario, there is no new powder and it warms up - then you will have a great deal of packed ice. If they groom it, it will be like boarding on a gravel driveway. Best case - it's nice and cold with lots of fresh powder and you are @ Sugar with 100000 of your closest friends.

Rent from somewhere in or around town before you go. That way you are not stuck with whatever the shop at the mountain has...which is mostly crap. And, if there are good conditions, they may run out of boots or boards or both. Sweetwater has some decent stuff (if you are close to ILM). It won't hurt to call around your local surf shops.

Wear mittens and try to hold something in your hands. IF you fall a lot, you will be trying to catch yourself - falling on that hard packed stuff and catching yourself with your hands is a good way to break a wrist or your thumb. If you don't fall a lot, then good on ya.

If the condo has a hot tub, USE IT! And, have a pint of Butterscotch Schnapps to pour in your hot chocolate...not too much...just enough to warm you up and help you relax.

I am sure some bloke on here will blow me up for my post, but this is just my two cents.

All that being said, if your daughter is the focus of the trip, make sure she is having the most fun even if that means bagging the board.