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    Surf Travel

    Hey, might come out to OC in the next year or so for a few weeks. I'll be staying around huntington and surfing in that vicinity but have a few questions. My preconceptions of california are of sprawling highways, lots of traffic, air pollution, lots of onshore wind, and crowds. Is this accurate? Also what is the best time of year for good swell and good wind for this area? And just curious, you see features and news and stuff of new jersey on surfline a lot so I'm wondering what you guys think jersey is like when you imagine it.

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    If you are staying in Huntington then the surfing commute is not that bad, most beaches are minutes away or accross the street from the beach. The freeway whoes are true, but no more than in any other large city, rush hour is rush hour at any city. Summer is not as good as winter, but the occassional south swell brings size and fun to the areas. Winter is the best and biggest times, usually during or after December.

    At huntington there are several breaks, north and south of the pier, and there is 52nd and 54th street at Newport just south of it. About half an hour south is Tressles, make sure you make the trip.

    New Jersey? They surf there?

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    hell yeah we surf in Jersey........

    actually... I'm considering taking an RN position in SanDiego from April till June...

    I'll be definitely hittin up the surf... but... it's on my mind... and yeah...I'm a noobie to this board sport... but I'm thinkin you guys got some big man eaters out there... say it aint so Joe... say it aint soooooo.....

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    So. Cal Surf

    If you are going to be in HB, you are in a good spot for the beaches. HB has many spots to surf. Then you go south a lil bit, theres Newport Beach, very fun there too. Newport is a easier paddle to get out to the wave then HB is, HB tends to break farther out. If you are new to surfing, I would say 32nd street in Newport is the way to go. No one will hassle you. You go to 52nd street on a good day, you got to be experienced because that is were most of the better surfers are and they tend not to like noobs. But, Summer swells are fun, they are mostly South Swells, so alot of good left rides. Best time to go surfing in Orange County is early morning like sunrise to about 10am, then the wind picks up about noon to about 4pm, then the wind stops about 4pm, so afternoon sess from 4pm to dark. If you are going to be in HB, you probably don't have to really worry about traffic only if you are going to be on the freeway at rush hour. Yeah i know Jersey guys surf, I get cold just watching them surf. Well hope some info helped you.