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    SwellInfo vs Surfline

    Haven't made up my mind which site is my "go to" tool for forecasting. I'd like to think a person can make better judgments about the swell forecast than a computer, but tomorrow will be an interesting test. Below is an excerpt from the Surfline NJ summary:

    "Low pressure that pushed offshore earlier in the work week has interacted with high pressure over the Labrador Sea setting up an area of satellite observed 25-30kt+ E/ENE winds south of Newfoundland. We have also observed 15' seas within this fetch. Observations upstream indicate that this swell is a little underdone in the models, so we will nudge number up a little over guidance. This fetch will send a pulse of ENE swell to the region that will start to mix in this PM but mainly overnight into Saturday.

    ESE/SE swell from the tropics will continue to mix in with E/ENE swell Saturday keeping 2-3'+ surf in the water for standouts. Top spots likely see some bigger peaks around the chest/chest+ zone. This will start to ease some late day."


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    well...that's a narrative of the meteorology...there is an ocean storm up near Newfoundland that is forecast to push some ENE swell back, and there is some interaction between tropical activity and Bermuda High pointing some fetch at the Mid Atlantic from the SE. Surfline gives you that, and SI gives you other things...

    Why do you need one "go to" site for forecasting? You will always be better off taking advantage of the numerous tools that are out there, seeing which ones work for your spots in different conditions, and blending it all together into your own assessment of the situation.

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    SI has all the data points in one spot for you to decipher yourself dawg

    I will say I'm expecting my favorite New Jerseyian wave will be alive tomorrow

    Just stay in Belamr though...that's where all the rippaz surf anyways bruh

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    average joe, that is proprietary info and shouldn't be re-posted without surfline's consent

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    "go to" means if surfline says it will be chest high + and swell info says waist, which one will be more accurate? Surfline adds the human analysis of the data points that swell info provides. tell me where I would go on the swell info site to come to my own conclusion on the fetch of this storm in the north atlantic?

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    Go to beach look at waves. Never leave Belmar. You're welcome

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    What Mitchell said, actually.

    And, stay in Belmar by all means.

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    should have known this thread would be taken over with the usual nonsense.

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    Non cents.

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    My "go to tool" is barrycuda. He knows everything.

    Seriously, don't over think it go to the beach and check visually. Can't tell you how many times I've caught fun waves practically empty because the report was off. Does Belmar have surf cams?