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    I tend to lump surf kayaks and SUPs together and do not have an inherent problem with either wave riding vehicle. It is the taking of the concept and putting it into practice by the masses that tends to give me heartburn, especially for SUP riders because for too many it is an extension of a longboarding philosophy, "I can paddle easier, catch more waves and catch those waves before others, and therefore it is my wave." Ditto for many of the tow-in wave riding folks (I am not referring to towing-in on waves that are beyond a any normal capability of paddling to catch and ride, but those utter monsters like very large Jaws). The same goes for kite boarders and wind surfers invading the line-ups of surf breaks.

    SUP'ing around on a flat day... help yourself. SUP'ing around IRI Northside (or Southside at Dumps!)... help yourself. Shoot the OC Pier... help yourself. Most other spots... stay away! I don't care to get hurt by an out of control monster vehicle.

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    They are sick but the sup kind should seek uncrowded sandbars away from people. Not sit at the top of a pack of people and clean up the sets.

    I guess prime place would be at a far out sandbar somewhere along assategue. Or i imagine they would be sick on a shoal. Kinda ride and then paddle around the surf to the peak clean wthout whitewater. Find some space to sup.

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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    i dont have a problem with sups. the thing that does bother me is those surf kayakers. one day after a tropical storm came and left we had head high offshore waves and all these surf kayakers were out in the line up with us surfers and cut me off about 10 times and it was the same dude. after the 1st i told him to pay attention since i had the peak and he didnt and he said okay well he did it again and we about fought each other cuz when i saw him go in after the finall time he cut me offf i went into shore and told him he needed to not cut me off again and we about got in a fight but the lifegaurds were there and stopped it and gave him a ticket for not following the rules. but ever since then i have always hated those surf kayakers.

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    Blah Blah blah. I can't hate the Sup's for having a good time, even if it is a ridiculously gay way to enjoy the ocean... and even if Eddie and Laird are doing it, I don't care. I just try to coexist with my fellow lineup patrons, and undoubtably I let them know when they have trespassed.

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    Bump for the sweepers at Teague who paddle over out of nowhere and proceed to take set waves right on top of you without so much as a hello thread.

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    that sticker is a decade or more old, when SUPs first came to popularity.

    I don't like SUPs, mostly because my first encounter with one was an a-hole that insisted on catching every single wave that came priority or consideration. To me, they signify someone who's given up and/or thinks they're too old to paddle laying down...or just an a-hole who wants every advantage to take every wave possible, regardless of the abysmal performance.

    They have their place: lakes and any unsurfable flat water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waterbaby View Post
    I don't like SUPs, mostly because my first encounter with one was an a-hole that insisted on catching every single wave that came priority or consideration.
    I don't like SUPs either, mostly because every encounter I've had has been like that. Fun to burn, though.

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    Hey this is full serious bruhs

    I was there when the dude lost his life on SUP at Tres last Febuary...witnessed them pull his body out later in the day

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    Its the dudes who have never surfed because it was "too hard" that go out and drop $1000+ on a 747 wing sized board, then wobble out awkwardly and post up at the most crowded spot that grind my gears. I give the same amount of respect/attention to the beginner floundering around - zero. I know they're not catching anything so who cares.

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    Bozo SUPs?