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  1. myrtle beach surf report 2.2.09

    hey doug

    on the report today was that a dang shark that close to the shore or was it a porpouse (dolphin, whatever). Looked to be pretty big?

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    Arrow large shark on the beach!!!!!.lol

    hey buddy that was a porpouse. I chased that S.O.B down the beach trying to get a better shot. there was 3 or 4 of them just swimming and jumpinng down the beach ( they were only 10-15 feet of the beach.) I notice them up close to the beach all the time since I go 2-4 times a day to the same area ( for surf report). Thanks for checking out my surf report. Do you know anyone in north myrtle beach or cherry grove area that has the time to post the surf report (video). IF WE EVER GET A GOOD SWELL I WILL BE AT THE BEACH TAKING PICS. AND VIDEOS OF LOCAL SURFERS TO POST ON SWELLINFO AND YOUTUBE

    PRAY FOR SURF!!!!!

  3. man i'll be honest, i only get to go out on the weekends do to my job and daylight savings time not unless i for some reason have a random day off during the week, but ever since early october i've had the beach to myself, no one likes the cold water. Usually the highschool kids surf around cherry grove pier but i haven't even been down there since i started hitting my spot on 17th ave s, theres a 2nd sand bar bout 30 feet out that i have to myself. Yea the porpouses are every where especially on foggy days, i went out 2 saturdays ago and it was so foggy coudn't even see the high rises or like 10 feet in front of me and 2 of those suckers snuck up on me and liked to have given me a heart attack. When daylight savings time rolls back around i'd be able to do vids around 530 in the evening, well after my sesh depending on it being any good or not!