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    independent clothing companies

    Hey guys so, i was thinking of opening up a retail store and i didn't want to sell the usual billabong,fox, volcom, quicksilver,etc. I really wanted to sell new independent clothes from companies that are just getting started. Any of you guys know of any companies in the country that are new and want to get there stuff out there?

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    There are absolutely tons of start up surf-related clothing companies! You can find a lot on myspace.

    In New Jersey there's Jetty Life.

  3. ERGO !!!

    great company. great guys.

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    thanks guys both great companies love 'em ...keep em commin

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    inawe clothing

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    ELEOS Clothing...based in Towson, MD - - I'm sure they would be looking for some help!
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    As much as you don't want to carry the big companies they have the marketing dollars in these tough times to spend in mags,billboards,internet, and the list goes with that being said you need to carry a lott of smaller companies to make up for the loss of the bigger ones..Another important issue is that smaller companies equalls smaller quanities that get picked through very quickly..Any help let me know i've been in the industry for quite some time now and might be able to help..

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    independent clothing companies

    Leef Labs is my new clothing company. An original overground lifestyle brand. Very small with 6 shirts models thus far, but have many more stored in my backpocket. Currently working on, but you can check out the facebook page, leef labs clothing and use the contact info to contact me directly about putting some in your shop. Check it out! Peace

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    F@ck a store front. Open up shop online.
    Monthly cost to rent a store front anywhere from $1,000 a month to $7,000. Take that money and invest in a good design and user friendly website & Advertising

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    Epic shirts is pretty common around here.. Im not affiliated to them..

    Jetty has a sweet little factory you can stop by.. the owners such a nice dude.. there off exit 58