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    this is my brother's company. his wife designs everything and he is the ceo. they are an all girls line out of Bali, very small but they have their items in a bunch of shops in cali and several here in oc,md. they are very selective where they sell because of an image they are trying to obtain, higher end, or atleast not cheap. they are in kcoast and south moon under, and have been pretty successful!

    also as part of their image, they are very eco friendly, they are even in the process of turning their entire shop to run off of used veggie oil

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    livin4, i really liked the site!
    and mikedub i totally agree with what your saying we don't know were our economy is going at this point, but i have been thinking what about stretching it to independent shapers of surfboards, skateboards, etc.
    and even new bands!

  3. Localism

    You should Def. check out 39th St. its a new company out of ocean city and georgetown, de. it supports localism on the eastern shore. sheds a little light on the counterculture of the east coast. crazy stuff is coming out of this guy. look it up on myspace. new site coming soon.

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    Surf Nasty I see that you are from Long Branch! Real close to me! Let me know where your thinking of setting up and hopefully I'll drop in and check out what you've got! Will it be in Long Branch?

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    Seven3two Clothing Company
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    independent clothing companies

    Leef Labs is my new clothing company. An original overground lifestyle brand. Very small with 6 shirts models thus far, but have many more stored in my backpocket. Currently working on, but you can check out the facebook page, leef labs clothing and use the contact info to contact me directly about putting some in your shop. Check it out! Peace

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    F@ck a store front. Open up shop online.
    Monthly cost to rent a store front anywhere from $1,000 a month to $7,000. Take that money and invest in a good design and user friendly website & Advertising

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    Epic shirts is pretty common around here.. Im not affiliated to them..

    Jetty has a sweet little factory you can stop by.. the owners such a nice dude.. there off exit 58

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    I have been getting stuff from Ahoy Surf , Ando and Friends and some stuff from a comapny called Hippy Tree , They all seem the have a good produect not super expensive and IMO I think it looks cool too

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