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    I saw these tee shirts around with giant looney toons characters on them. You might want to look into that.

    Honestly, sounds like you trying to open a low budget PacSun.... good luck with that. People already have plenty of places to buy tee shirts. The jersey shore may glamorize it, but selling tee shirts can't be but so much fun...

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    Growing like a ground swell... amazing artwork, great philosophy, fabrics and quality are top notch. Just an all around cool vibe...

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    Hey this is my own little art/clothing thing. All work is pen art based on local lore mixed with a classic horror theme.
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    I also second Jetty (they printed all of my shirts) great guys.
    Here are some of my shirts.

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    Check out

    They carry several cutting-edge brands, which are not yet popular but have great potential to appeal to
    individuals who are into surf culture.

    Mens Clothing*|*TruckerDeluxe

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    Seven3two clothing co. really popular in jersey got SICKKKKKKK clothing

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    Check out buzzkill skate. My friend just started this clothing company and theyre probably looking for retailers
    Look them up on facebook theyre from shrewsbury