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    Quote Originally Posted by EastShoreRider2 View Post
    rgnsup, I checked out that whiskey Is that a legit site to buy stuff cause it's really marked down (products arent used or have holes do they)? So they sell one item at a time and how often do they sell surf gear like wetsuits?
    WAY TOO LEGIT!!! It's all random.. they have different ways to set up alerts so you know when a new item is posted... I have bought 2 wetsuits, snowboarding goggles, a sweater, a button down, sunnies, and have many friends who have bought many things from there..

    I have yet to receive anything that had something wrong with it..and check out their return policy.. you can return an item ANYTIME!!!

    I'm on my second winter with my Rip Curl 6/5/4 and it still has nothing wrong with it.. and I have used my Xcel 3/2 from last Aprilish until this winter and still is like new. Sometimes you just gotta suck it up...

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    No Im not saying that at all. not knocking anybody by what they wear. Im just saying when I wear my 5/4/3 It feels like a straight jacket..
    And I have no idea what a baked camel is but I bet it wouldn't do any turns.
    But to be honest, yesterday I was cold as hell so I think the 3/2 experiement is over.!

    Quote Originally Posted by rgnsup View Post
    Think he's implying that all of us who wear 6/5/4 or 5/4/3's are nice and toasty and go straight on every wave because the thick suit doesn't allow us to turn?

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    i was out yesterday for 2 hours in my 3/2 full suit, gloves, booties, and a hood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by epidemicepic View Post
    I've got an oneill 5/3 hooded heat, worn maybe 3-4 times so its pretty much brand new, size small. Its a great suit, interior fluid seam welds + firewall and all... PM me and we'll work something out if your interested.
    Sounds like a great suit but it may be out of my price range. How much are you looking for? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by VAsurfer604 View Post
    Sounds like a great suit but it may be out of my price range. How much are you looking for? Thanks!
    sent you a private message, let me know what you think.