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Thread: Good Surf!

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    Good Surf!

    Swellinfo, do you know there is some good surf out there right now? Chest to shoulder and super clean. Can't believe it. Waves are breaking in real good shape down here right now. Great thing is that no-one knows about it and it seems to be getting better and better! The swell is light south with what seems like bigger east. Get on it!
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    I know, there is some decent swell showing on the buoys.

    Its coming from a strong low pressure that strengthened significantly in the Central waters befire scooting off to the north.. Models weren't predicting as much E/NE fetch that developed

    Swellinfo was calling for decent swell down towards hatteras and to the south, but not the swell that the Delmarva/NJ area is seeing.
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    Still Surf!

    Not as big today...but I am back at work anyway! The word is that it is not as consistent. Caught some great waves last night. Bigger then afternoon but straight east and closing out. It was nice to have the 3/2 on yesterday with no hood. Word!

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    Yeah Monday and yesterday were suprisingly good...especially yesterday. It felt like Fall groundswell out there...70 degrees and chest high waves with offshore winds...made my week!

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    Yeah I just got out of the water on wed. and it's nowhere near as good. Far less consistent, and considerably smaller. Still really fun though and most def. worth the paddle out. Yesturday was so fun. Lots of tubes perfect size for a bodyboarder to slip in.