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Thread: Unicorns

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    do more drugs.

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    haha rgnsup you next thread should be... Sasquatchs.. are they real??

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    stewart i've been meaning to tell you that i put some angeldust in your ac unit, my b
    That would explain why i got naked and wrestled those "disabled" people in that retirement home but it doesn't explain how a ****in horse flew in front of my eyes. now that was a unicorn sighting my friend

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    Whoa there aguaholic and pvjumper...I'm just trying to get some insight into these majestical creatures which live amongst us. I only started this post because I think I saw one yesterday when I was driving but I didn't have time to pull over and confirm that it was, in fact, a unicorn. It might have been a horse, but then it leaped and a rainbow trail followed it. So any ideas???
    It was, in fact, a horse. The scientific answer that proposed the illusion of a rainbow trail following the horse you saw was of the concept refraction of light. As the horse leaped photons passed through the urine of the horse refracting the white light into the colors of the rainbow and into your eye. Think of pink floyd but instead of a prism, horse urine.