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    British Virgin Islands

    Anyone ever surfed here? know anything about the surf culture? i'm heading down there mid march.. going to charter a sail boat..

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    near da beach


    Yeah most of the good surf is on Tortola...There are some great secret spots only accessible by boat.

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    Virginia Beach
    there are tons of waves in the Virgin islands. Cane garden bay is the most famous of these waves... absolutely shortboardable!!! Then there is dog bay, apple bay, and countless others. All of which are amazing waves, all shortboard waves. I even surfed lefts wrapping around Yost Van Dyke one time.

    Your captain should know where the waves are in the area. And if he doesn't well then he is a pretty crappy captain. Your not going with captain Randy are you??? He rocks!!!

    So ya, even if there are no waves the whole time you should have a blast. And ask your captain to take you to Yost Van Dyke. Its just this small little sand island that people get wasteeed on, its a blast. Hell one time I even scored some surf there, just little 2 foot left peelers, but the peeled down the entire little island.

    But ya Cane Garden Bay is my favorite wave in the world, right behind Honalua (however you spell it). Its a super fast right, very hollow, just watch out on the inside, it gets really hollow and really shallow. And don't forget about Dog bay and Apple Bay.

    Have fun on your trip, and I hope you score some surf!!!!!

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    Thanks.. i think were going to captian the boat ourselves... so we'll dig out the charts.