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  1. galapagos islands

    anyone ever been to or surfed in the galapagos islands?

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    negative. From what i hear it's expensive to get to and they limit the number of visitors on the island. waves look great though.

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    i almost went there this summer but i went to hawaii instead

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    I volunteer as a deck hand on a boat that might ever take that mission...Maybe I'll take my camera?

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    Darwin used to tear it up in OH sets all day long on Pinta. I heard it's nice.

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    People swear by its beauty. Also, check out the google map. Looks like some potential there.

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    I know someone who spent about a month or so there, said it was absolutely epic. All rock reef breaks, boat required. Actually, you need a boat just to sleep on right? Isn't it like no / severely limited access to the islands?

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    my friend was there this past month

    def has some potential.
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    galapagos surf

    Fly to San Cristobol there you can find a reasonable place to stay . There are at least 4 different breaks within walking distance. Can hire boats for fishing/surfing/snorkeling/scuba. Beautiful place. Intense surfing. Swell didn't seem too consistent. Can take boat tours cheaper from here.

  10. arite sweet thanks guys