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  1. Billabong Blue Horizon

    i was watching blue horizon the other day and they talked about a symbol called "chibache" or something like that, its a pretty killer symbol and i might get it tatted on me but i wana find out a little bit more about it, i'm not sure if i'm misspelling it or something but i cannot find a dang thing about it, i copyed it from the video and pit on my pc and uploaded it to see if any of yor guys can shed some like on this for me....

    any informatin is better then what i got, i just know what the specific parts of the symbol stands for, please help me find more info!

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    How old are you? I'd do a hell of a lot more research before I decided to get it tattooed on me.

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    what do u know about the symbol.

  4. stands for man of men, leader....bottom part stands for ocean(horizontal wavy lines) the far right and left parts up top stand for broad shoulders (manly man), the nail going down the middle stands for strength, left and right pie looking things on the bottom over the ocean is left (right) rightside means (wrong), basically the morals of being a man...i've been lookin to get inked for a long time and i dont wana get something cliche' and this jumped out @ me, i'm 25