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Thread: For sale!

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    For sale!

    Sup Guys,
    Have a few things I am trying to get rid of.

    1. RipCurl F-Bomb 5/4, only worn one time, it is a MT and I am just a bit to tall for it, pulls over my boots when I am out there. $250, obo.

    2. RipCurl 3/2 Classic, Unsealed but still a great suit, worn about five times. Have a matuse and a ripcurl e-bomb so there is no need. $50 obo.

    3. 6' 5", Merrick single fin. MSG not the Rob Machado Model. Great condition, has some cosmetic damage but not bad at all. Board retails for $1000 new, looking for $400 obo.

    Thanks guys,
    If anyone is interested and wants pictures, send a private message and I will respond.

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    What size are the suits?

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    suit sizes

    The F-Bomb is a medium tall and the classic is a large.

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    are you sure that Merrick isn't an MSF ?? i thought the MSG was a tri-fin performance semi-gun.... like pipeline kinda board.

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    It is the MSF.

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    $1000 retail??

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    Yea they are right up there.