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    im thinking of getting a tattoo but ive heard that if its summer you gotta always have sunscreen on it to make sure it doesnt fade out the color and stuff (which once im tan never happens) so i figured that getting one in the winter would be my best bet. but ive also heard that you shouldnt really go swimming with a new tattoo because the of whatever the reason (like color fading, since its not soaked in fully it can rub out?, and stuff like that). plus wearing a 5 mil suit might not help.

    so im wondering if anyone here has a tat and what your advice is on when would be the best time to get one. or if if any of the things i said are even true becasue ive heard some very strange things that seems really unlikely to happen.

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    yea i just got one. The big thing isn't the water its soaking it. Your not suppose to soak it, it causes the scabs to fall off faster. If your going to get one ideally you should wait 10 days to 2 weeks or until all the scabs have fallin off. I just looked for a break from waves n then went n got mine i didn't miss any days. But i would do it now or in the spring the sun in the summer will destroy a new tattoo if you dont take care of it well.

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    Alright, I have quite a few... here's good low down...

    It is best to get one during the winter because there is no desire to go out in the sun and for the obvious reason the sun is bad for them. I've had one on my back since 2004 and NEVER put sunscreen on it and I get tan as ****tttt in the summer...and the colors are still good! It is true tho, they can fade a lot.

    Ideally, you have to wait 2 weeks before going surfing... don't push it earlier..and yes I have missed some nice swells cause of it... it sucks. You can get one in the summer..but you can't expose it to the sun at all for about 2 weeks or so but then you definitely have to put sun-block on it.

    Feel free to ask anymore questions..

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    I have over 50 tats most of wich are 10+ years old, and worked in a tat shop for a number of years.
    Yes in the summer you should protect it/them with sunscreen but Ive gone entire summers without it , looking like a mexican and all my tats are fine. The new 'inks' are pretty hardcore , long lasting/durable.
    Ive also surfed consecutive days with fresh work and as soon as Id get out I'd rinse it and put on a THIN layer of triple antibiotic and all those healed fine.
    Just go get your tat it'll be fine trust me.

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    thanks for all the info! i figured id be getting it soon and just hope i time it right and dont miss any swell cuz of it. i know if i got it in the summer that i will always forget to put sunblock on it because once i get a little tan i dont use sunscreen anymore since i wont burn and i just turn black from there.

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    My favorite tattoo of all time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pushpins View Post
    My favorite tattoo of all time.

    i bet you had to think of that for a few months.